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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Route 66

Remembering and honoring the past
Route 66 was the first road to go from the East to the West across America.  As the freeway system developed more, Route 66 was left behind.  All those towns and stops that developed around the traffic as it traveled across America were beginning to dry up and close down.

Keeping the life in Route 66

In some parts of the country, Route 66 was closed down.  It no longer runs in totality across America.  In other parts of the country small store owners are fighting to keep the dream of Route 66 alive!
You just never know who you'll see on Route 66!
Where would you expect to find products that are made in the USA other than on the original Route 66.  After all, it is all about uniting America together.

Made in the USA
Angel Delgadillo and his wife, Vilma, fought to keep it alive.  The portion that exist today, exist because of them.  To keep the romance that was developed from the stories around Route 66, the tour companies have developed stops at the Route 66 gift shops.
A gift shop where you can find almost anything

Whether you are looking for a new or old style gift, made in the USA from Route 66 this is a place to check out.  We had a short stop to stretch our legs and find a special gift to take home.
Inside the Delgadillo Route 66 gift shop

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