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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Peaceful Contemplation

Peaceful Contemplation
I think that I could spend months just people watching at the Grand Canyon.  There were a large number of people that could be seen sitting in areas that looked very close to the edge.  Some were there with families and others like this woman seemed to be deep in thought.  There is no doubt that being at the Grand Canyon can be very thought provocative. 

Angels Wings or a Dove being released from a hand
I had to take a picture of the sky when I saw this cloud.  It looked like angel wings or maybe a dove being released from a hand.
This rock: right here! I am almost touching it.
As soon as we saw the white rock teetering on the edge of the rock formation, it became the focus of many photos.  It was one rock that was easy to see.  I did wonder how secure it was at that spot.  It looks like it could fall at any minute. But one thing that the Grand Canyon proves is that looks are VERY deceiving!

The rock that looks like it was close to falling

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