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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, April 11, 2015

More aerial views

I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful aerial scenes as much as we did.  When we were over the mountain ranges, clouds would form and flitter by the tops of the mountains.
Purple Mountains Majesty
As I see so many peaks and valleys, it makes me wonder how many of these areas have been traveled my mankind? In the various touring that I've done, they talk frequently about the mountain sheep, rams and other wild animals that can run up and down the steep terrain without any problems.  

Looking for Bigfoot on the Mountain

I enjoy watching the Bigfoot TV shows.  What would they do if they ever really found one?  A few of the people on the shows claim that they have seen them but conveniently they don't have evidence.  
Mountain View to the horizon
The thermal pictures are cool, but really you couldn't tell the difference between a bigfoot or a man with a therm.  Flying over the Rocky Mountains it makes me wonder if there are "Bigfoot" colonies living secretly within these massive mountain ranges. 

Mountains and Valleys
The picture that I have titled "The drama of the shadow" is one of my favorites. There is the texture of the rock that contrasting against the white snowpack with an extra contrast created by the shadows from the afternoon sun.  A piece of God's artwork.

The drama of the shadow
As we were flying, a different plane shot by us. It was evidentially going in a slightly different direction.  It appeared to be flying parallel to us for a while then it curved off to the left.

Buddy Flight
The mountains are a fabulous view from any angle.  I am continuously mesmerized every time that I see the Rocky Mountains.  I hope that you enjoy all of these photos.

Rocky Mountain High

This side of Heaven

Never ending beauty

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