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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Grand Canyon Wide Angle Views

I have put together several of my favorite photos of the Grand Canyon to give you an idea of the beauty.  As you can see, I took these pictures using two special lenses; wide angle and fisheye.  Although both lenses warp the perspective, they also show you the widest angle possible.  It can be challenging to see the 3D reality in a photograph.  Hopefully with this lens choice you can see the height, depth, and width of the majestic Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

One of the things that we said when we left the Grand Canyon is that there is something special about being told “Thank-you” in so many languages is one day.  We stopped and took many pictures.  There were many international travelers also stopping to take pictures.  When we offered to take group pictures, they were so grateful.  Some used broken English other just used their native language to express their thanks. 
Tabatha and Troy playing "tourist"
I was surprised how closely the path came to the edge in so many places and without a high retaining wall or fence.  The edge of the path was so natural looking it almost made you think twice.  But yes, it is obviously done my people.  

Walking path along the Grand Canyon
As a person, it is our responsibility to respect the edge of the path and for that matter the edge of the cliff.  It is tempting to get close to the edge when we take the pictures.  And there are many people that we saw pushing that temptation. 
Grand Canyon

Trees appeared to be growing right out of the rocks along the side of the path and framing beautiful peek-a-boo shots.  The experts have categorized the colors according to the time in history when they were formed.  They talk about the millions of years that it took to create the canyon as the river ran through it.  I have a simple question.  Aren’t there other rivers in the United States that have been running for that long?  Why is it only this river that has cut through a mile of rock to create the canyon?

Grand Canyon
Someday when I get to Heaven that will be one of my questions for God, “What is the truth about the Grand Canyon?”
Walking path along Grand Canyon

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