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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Knitters don't be fooled by the name!

Okay, this information is time sensitive so I am giving you two posts in one day.  I have found a store that has an event going on next Saturday.  Just in case you want to set aside some time next Saturday to check it out.  I am sharing it today!
I have been driving by this sign for years.  Thinking "I don't need a rocking horse but I need to stop in some day to check it out.  I did just that on Saturday.
I have officially found another store where I could spend my entire paycheck. As well as having a wide variety of yarns and threads, they also have supplies for spinners and those using knitting machines.
Knitters and spinners alike - it is shopping time!
They host clubs and classes and other events.  In fact, next Saturday they are having a circular machine sock knitting group.  (Read the brochure in this post.) I am going to need to stop by to see what it is about.

They have a knitting club that has been making wash clothes to benefit non profit organizations in the local area.  What a fabulous idea!
Knitting for non-profits
Coming up in the future they have a yarn dying class.  You dye what is called a sock blank.  (Knitted strip of yarn that when dyed will create a matching pair of socks.) I guess that means I will need to follow a pattern again.  LOL!
Knitting blank with sample socks
Okay, I  need to take that class! Oh, I can tell right now that  I'm in for trouble! ..... the good kind of trouble!
Knitting blank dyed

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