Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Garden time!

There are many vegetables that produce better with an early planting.  Dale and Alan have already planted their potatoes and radishes. 
Kohlrabi in cans for safety from rabbits
I tried to re-start some kohlrabi but they are very stringy. Hopefully they will make it.  I purchased a brand that is supposed to produce a larger fruit.
Planting 100 onions
I also planted my onion sets. After the end of the work day Tuesday, I went to the bank 25 minutes away to close out my accounts as I have transferred to a closer bank. I  quickly ran into a store then stopped at two separate parks for the dogs to run. By the time I got home, it was well after 7PM.
Tonight I will plant my row of garlic. I am leaving room between them for Dale to till even after I plant the cotton plants. Two other things that I want to plant are zucchini and pie pumpkins. So much to do with so little time.

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