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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Coffee filters, water filters, filters for fish tanks, and light filters.  The purpose of every filter is to change from one thing to another.  A coffee filter with coffee in it allows you to turn water into coffee without getting the grounds in your drink.  Water filters and fish tank filters help to purify the water.  There are some light filters used in the theatre to change the mood of the scene and camera filters made to change the natural light to something that will produce a better photo. 
The same way other filters change an element, we all have our personal filters that are formed from the experiences of our life so far.  Every person that is reading this blog is interpreting it slightly differently. 
There are college professors that teach there is no right or wrong.   It is a matter of opinion.  But I’d like to argue that point.  Each of us has our filter that determines our right and wrong.  Does the fact that right and wrong maybe viewed differently by people mean that it doesn’t exist?  Absolutely not!  It does mean that I may not agree with your right.  But if I can understand the things in your life that set what is right and wrong for you, our differences will be minimized.
An Amish child would have a very different view in life than a child raised by a single mother in the inner city.  Their parents expectations for behavior will be different influencing their view of right and wrong.  For an Amish girl it would be wrong to wear pants.  For a young girl in the inner city it would be wrong to wear a dress outside playing.  It would be right to choose shorts or pants and a shirt. 
I think sometimes of the young kids on TV that are pulled out of abusive homes.  You hear about how they didn't understand their parents actions were wrong until they spent times at a friends house and saw something different.  Their filter said that abuse was natural and right.  But their filter began changing with outside influence. 
It is good to seek outside influences in your life so that your life filters can be corrected when they start getting foggy.  Only you can change your life filter.  The first step is accepting that you are looking through a foggy filter (like my glasses when I forget to clean them.) 

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