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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Update....I didn't mean to leave you hanging

A Pound of Fat.  :^(
So when after a week you are down a pound, is that worth celebrating?  I’m not up (and when I weighed last it looked like I was going to be up)  So YES!  I’m going to celebrate because I’m headed in the right direction.  I’ve been trying to work more fruits and vegetables into my diet.  And I’ve been doing half hour work-outs every other day.  The other days I only get the walk I do with the dog, the wild housework when I get home from work as my exercise. 
Visualizing Stage

I laid out the blocks to get an idea where we needed to dig.  This would have been a bit easier if it would have been tilled just days before I needed to move the dirt.  But the garden needed tilling so they could plant the potatoes, radishes, and early lettuce.  They were planted earlier last week before the rains started coming perfect timing for the newly planted seeds but not so perfect for my project.  I dug out just enough to figure out where the front line was going to end up.  I had a good idea to use a cheaper block for the line that is going to be partially below the visible level.  But as usual, each one was poured just enough different that the corners didn’t line up.  So I will end up using a third of the blocks somewhere else and buying enough later for the top layer.  (Don’t worry I have two other places in mind to put the blocks.) 
I’m hoping that it will be better weather this next weekend to make some real progress. - - For those people who are precise; no, they are not level.  I was "visualizing" where I needed to go next. A part of a process that has my boyfriend confused.     :^)

It opens more each week.  Cool!
The flower is opening up very slowly and luckily no smell yet.  I still have hope that it will be warm enough outside that when it starts smelling that I’ll be able to set it outside.

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