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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Power Shopping

I need to preface this with the fact that I don't like to shop!

I also volunteer at small church as a bookkeeper.  So every Wednesday evening, I go to a Bible study at that church.  It is a forty minute drive away from my small town and I pass through a good sized town with a large variety of stores. So I have ninety minutes available to save money and get the necessities of life for that week.

It is a well thought out and choreographed routine.  Starting on Thursdays for six days, I keep track of what I NEED to get. The list grows and shrinks throughout the week. Ninety minutes leaves 3 stops maximum.  I path the track between stores that is most efficient.  Sometimes I even write my lists in order of aisles at the store if I have a big list. (I do wonder if people think I'm a wild maniac racing through the stores.)  By the end of the evening, I'm exhausted but feeling great!  So much done in so little time. 

Okay, So I can't say I totally don't like to shop.  Just don't get me near a craft store.  I need lists when I go into those too but for the opposite reason.  I'd overspend my budget and need to find storage and I put my foot down at renting a storage locker because I bought too many craft items and they don't fit in my house anymore.  :^) 

Do you love to shop or avoid shopping unless absolutely necessary?

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