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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Seasons: Winter and Road Construction

or in my case projects that take warm weather. I have three big projects:
  • Putting a poured "stone" path from my entry way to the sidewalk. This will include building a wooden step and a raised herb and flower garden. 
  • The main garden increases in square footage every year. It is a summer project in itself all the way to canning season.
  • Removing and replacing my bathtub. I renovated the house four years ago when I bought it. The new tub has a low day the contractor told me he forgot the supports under the tub then was told he was kidding around. Now the tub is starting to crack. I guess I'll find out the truth. We had connected to existing plumbing and the tub drain freezes when it gets below zero outside.  So I'll take the opportunity to have a plumber check it out and hopefully figure out a solution. I've done construction work in the past. I hope this project won't be over my head.
Ready, set, spring into summer!  Keep an eye on the progress of my projects.  ;^)

I'll be putting in a block wall and raising the level and width of the
garden area.  The back will be flowers and the front area herbs.
The outer most edge and the path in - between will be a poured stone walk.

The garden hasn't been planted yet.  But I'm thinking pumpkins and
bird house gourds are a must.  Nothing better than real pumpkin pie.

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