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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not every good deal is a savings...

My work is awesome! There is a stove top, a couple of microwaves, and we have paper plates and plastic ware.  My lunch today wasn't that hot but as I went to pick up the first bite, the tines rolled back. It made me think of the things we do to save money. 

Yesterday my boyfriend made pancakes. But he bought a cheap mix which made flat pancakes that didn't come out of the pan well. The mix said that it would make 6-8 pancakes but after trying to make the first two the last third was thrown away with a few choice words.  (A hungry man cooking when nothing is working right is not a pretty site.)

I went to the store and bought the mix that was about fifty cents more per box. After mixing it up per the directions on the side of the box, I got 6 plate sized pancakes. He was a full (and happy) man again. 

So do you spend $12 for a shirt on sale that lasts one season or $30 on a shirt on sale that will last for several years? Quality needs to balance savings for it to be a "good deal".  (Cash only! Specials on credit are only a deal if they are zero percent financing and you get them paid off by the deadline. Careful of the small print!)

Share some of your "good" or "not so good" deals!

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