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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Urgent prayer request!

I believe prayer works!  I also believe that we are to turn all our worries over to God. So here is my prayer request. 
As you know, I went down into mucky water yesterday to save My Jenny, our Doberman.  Tonight my right heel is very sore with a callous crack.  I filed the callous away; so that is why it is red (hopefully that is the only reason.) 
I am treating this like is just cracked today after all, it wasn't tender before tonight.  I doused it with Hydrogen Peroxide, an antiseptic to help prevent minor infections. Then I put a moisturizing lotion on it that my sister makes for me: Eurcerin/Aquaphor mixed with several oils, marigold, lavender, and chamomile (natural antiseptic/antibiotics) CORRECTION! Geranium, roman chamomile, and lavender are the oils that my sister added. Then I wrapped it in plastic wrap for better absorption.
"Lord, please heal my heel. And give me peace that it wasn't cracked before I went into the bad water. Keep both My Jenny and I healthy. Amen!"


  1. Praying for you... My heals look like that and worse,, I hope your heels heal quickly
    take care

  2. 24 hours later, I changed the bandage. No infection from the bad water and the pain is dissipating. Thanks for your prayers.