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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Updated Prayer Request...

Waiting is done in steps.  There is the first traumatic report when the first doctor uses the word "abnormal" (potentially cancerous).  Then there is the meeting with the specialized oncologist.  When it comes to any kind of cancer, the most specialized doctor is the best.  You want someone whose focus is the specific type of cancer that you have. 

We met today with an OB oncologist.  He shared that he didn't think my sisters cysts were cancerous.  Although there was a small amount of "debris" in one, it didn't look like standard cancer either.  Since our family does not have this kind of cancer but we do have benign cysts, the doctor is more confident in his viewpoint. 

Surgery will be on September 6th which means twenty-five days of waiting.  Please keep my sister in your prayers. 

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