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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Time for a Parade

An American custom a parade surrounded by town festivals.  Each town is different in regards to who sponsors the festival.  In my small town it is sponsored by the fire department and their main fundraiser for the year. 

Our Parade begins at 10:30 AM and is usually done around noon.  It closes down a county road and blocks any way into the Eastern half of town.  In-fact when my niece Katrina got married, we had to get special permission to get their party bus to come down main street and drop the groom and groomsmen off at the church then cut over to my place on the eastern side of time with the bride and bridesmaids.  Not often someone gets to crash a parade. 
Photo by Trisha Field
The beginning of creativity
Floats take every ounce of creativity a person needs to first choose a theme.  Dale's workplace Saint Anthony Manor "The Manor" chose the theme "Your home, Your castle." The manager said to me "I wish we could come up with a turret to go on top of the vehicle."  That isn't a problem.  I was hoping to find a cardboard barrel but the local hardware store came up with this old water softener.  I painted it a red-brick tone, allowing some of the original grey to show through.

Photo by Trisha Field
Then I dry-brushed some brown on it and painted grey "mortar" lines in a standard brick pattern.  Perfection isn't needed it is going to be on the top of a moving vehicle.  - - - That is a totally different challenge. 

Photo by Trisha Field
On Coming Float
Photo by Trisha Field
Saint Anthony Manor Float
It was a success!  Dale figured out a way to connect it to a board that fastened to his luggage rack.  I made the roof out of triangles cut from a slip sheet from a local business. On the top, I connected my Fairy Godmother doll and attached to her wand a piece of the tassel used on the bottom of the float. 

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