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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

lows and HIGHS

Have you ever noticed when one thing happens that more things hit you, BOOM, BANG, POW!  One bad thing never happens alone.  It is like Satan is waiting in the shadows and when he sees one thing happen and kicks you when you are down.

My job takes me in and out of various businesses.  The one that I was most recently assigned to has a project manager that has some kind of personality disorder or mental illness.  On any given day, you need to let her interact with you for a while before figuring out if she is if she is Dr. Jeckle or Mrs. Hyde.  I dreaded every time that I needed to go on site.

She raised a stink with my companies project manager and I was told that I was not going to be pulled on site.  I will still be working on the project doing 90% of everything that I needed to do but the 10% that I needed to go onsite for they will be having someone else do.  Since if I said the sky is blue she would say it's teal, I'm quite relieved.  When you do your best and someone find faults that don't exist you don't need that in life.  That being said, I am a people pleaser to a large degree and it hurts to be told that your best isn't good enough.

Then I got good news as my sister's blood-work came back with excellent results.  Wooo-hoo!

I am project manager at another client.  I have a heavy background in finance but I am far from being a finance expert.  This client has been on the program for a year and has yet to close the books.  They are ready to close August 2012 books.  It is not going to be pretty.  They want our seasoned finance expert helping them out.  I understand that but at the same time, he is on a huge project and there is a lot that I can do to help them get ready for the meeting with him.  That is if they don't dig in their heels and pull the stubborn card which they are doing at this time. 

After both of those situations, I was frustrated but not really feeling bad.  Then I got Dale's frantic call about My Jenny being in desperate trouble and suddenly, those frustrating situations blew up as my emotions exploded with the trigger of helplessness of being able to help My Jenny until I got out there.  Once she was safe and we were back at home the adrenaline popped like a balloon and I realized how raw my emotions were about everything. 

These verses came to my mind:

2 Timothy 4:18

New International Reader's Version (NIRV)
18 The Lord will save me from every evil attack. He will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom.
Give him glory for ever and ever. Amen.

God uses every evil for his good:

Romans 8:28

New International Reader's Version (NIRV)

We Will Win

28 We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. He appointed them to be saved in keeping with his purpose.

Before bed, I was looking at the statistics on this blog.  As I reported last month, they were growing significantly.  It is obvious looking at the numbers that I have several new readers in the last 48 hours.  The numbers are astronomically increasing.  So right before putting my head on the pillow, God ended my day with a blessing. 

Cell photo by Trisha
The lump in the center is Duchess
This morning Duchess was obviously still worked up over the activities of the week.  This bed was made in the morning and she managed to pull all the sheets and blankets to the center along with pulling up a blanket that I use on the couch and a tiny pillow that I made for my nephew.  (She has claimed that pillow as hers.)

Cell photo by Trisha
After re-arranging the blankets a few times, Duchess stuck out her head.

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