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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, August 23, 2013

...can't be unique without u and i

Every single person is unique. I have tiny feet - short and wide just like my Dad's mom.  My toes are appropriate to my feet.  Dale calls them my worms because subconsciously, I wiggle them.  ALOT!  (It is a family trait.  I have video taped my sister wiggling her toes too.)  My toes are also very tiny compared to Dale's. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Unique Feet

Despite my toes being tiny, I stub them all the time.  I think I stubbed a couple of the left toes a little too often.  The ball of the foot is that cushy part of the front of your foot.  Now, if you touch that part of your foot and move your fingers around until you are almost touching your toe; that is where the pain is from stubbing my toes.  It is considered part of the ball of my foot but it actually feels better when I've been walking.  I say it that way because common pain on the ball of the foot comes from walking and mine feels better after walking.

I had my sister torture me last weekend and pressure point the areas.  I was nearly screaming but it needed to be done.  I've been able to give myself a daily pressure treatment every day and it is getting better.  I have almost been tempted to seek out an acupuncturist to see if they would be able to help.  I have had acupuncture done in the past.  I'm just not that sure that it would help. 

I did check out the reflexology charts and what showed up was interesting.  Reflexology teaches that there are portions not directly linked to parts of your body that will affect that portion of the body.  A spot in the arch of the foot can help alleviate stomach issues.  The section of my foot that I have been pressure pointing affects the neck and eyes.  I did need to have Dale pressure point my neck last night.  Hmmm!

Oh it is terrible to get old.  It feels like one day you wake up and say to yourself, "those can't be my hands with those wrinkles and that can't be my body with those aches and pains.  I am too young for all that stuff."

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