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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lord Come Quickly

Dear Jesus, hear my prayer.

"Bored" children kill a man for entertainment; Lord come quickly.

A young man craves attention and threatens children in a school; Lord come quickly.

Inappropriate sexual relations have somehow become right: Lord come  quickly.

The American dream of working to success is dying for Americans: Lord come quickly.

Possessions and acquisitions are becoming gods for many: Lord come quickly.

Political correctness is becoming more important than Your will: Lord come quickly.

People in power over our country, schools, churches and more are abusing their power: Lord come quickly.

The opportunities for entertainment; TV, movies, books are filled with debauchery portrayed as normal and acceptable: Lord come quickly.

Your children are losing sight of you: Lord come quickly.

Depression and mental illness is growing: Lord come quickly.

Excessive drug and alcohol use are growing and out of control: Lord come quickly.

Cancer and illness are increasing: Lord come quickly.

My heart breaks as I see the world today.  I can't imagine how much more Your heart must be breaking seeing your children walk away from righteousness and a relationship with you.  Keep those of us trying to walk in your Word safe and protected from the evil around us.  Keep us focused on you and spreading your Word.  But please Lord come quickly. Amen!

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