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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We almost lost My Jenny today

Dale and the girls took a walk in a new place today.  My Jenny saw a sea gull and took off chasing it.  Before she realized it she was down at bottom of a steep ditch in mucky green water.  The edge where she was at was so bad that she could not get her footing enough to get out of the water.

Dobermans are NOT good swimmers but My Jenny tread water for about 20 minutes.

Dale tried twice to go down. Between starting to slip himself and Duchess coming too close to the edge, he went back to the top and called me. 

I had worked eight hours already.  I had planned on working ten hours but a frantic call explaining My Jenny's situation sent me on the run.  I stopped by Dale's place to pick up rope and and tie down straps.  As I drove over t Dale's I saw a friend walking.  I yelled something like, "Al, come quick we need your help!"  Without question he came.

He tied the straps together as I drove.  He had the ride of his life. Dale was calling about every minute. I drove as far as I could and ran the rest of the way.  Dale does not swim. So I tied one end of the rope to myself as the guys double checked the knots.  Then I headed down the steep bank staying low and close to the ground.

I reached the water and looked back as My Jenny pushed hard to get as close to me as possible. I grabbed her collar and had her beside me, then I moved her so that she was inches inches in front of me between my two hands. Cautiously with the guys holding the "rope" tight, My Jenny and I made our way to the top. 

My Jenny, covered in green pond slime. All for chasing a few birds.
When all was said and done, My Jenny was out of the water; safe but covered in green slime.  My socks and jeans were covered in green slime up to my thigh.  My car pillow is a quillow (thin quilt that folds up into a pillow.)  I unfolded the quillow placed it on my car seat and drove my friend home.  Dale took the girls home and My Jenny for the first time in her life dod not fight taking a bath.


  1. wow, I am so glad that this story had a happy ending... I would of been in tears with you if it had not....

    1. I would not have been able to share it if it didn't have a happy outcome. Our Dobermans are our kids/lives. We would have been devastated. Please pray that she doesn't have side effect from the green mucky water.