Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Your eyes can deceive you...

I was sitting at my desk working today when I glanced over at My Jenny.  I had my camera stored at the edge of my desk.  I was able to quietly lift up the camera and snap a few pictures of my darling Doberman.

Photo by Trisha Field
Do you see the paw?
The angle of her head, the way the light from a combination of the lamp and window hit her fur (which for some reason wasn't laying as smooth as normal) made the illusion of a grey paw on her cheek. Sometimes looking at things close up makes them easier to see other times it makes them harder to see.  So I took both types of pictures hoping that one or the other would help you see what I was seeing.

Photo by Trisha Field
Grey Paw
This picture was cool because you can see one of her front and back paws and maybe that is why my eye was drawn to the illusion of the grey paw-print on her face. 

Sorry this is short again.  I still have about half of my typeset copy to review.  It is going to be a late night tonight!

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