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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Wacky side - Fruit Cake

No this is not the fruit cake that is passed around at Christmas time. 
This is one of my springtime fruit cakes. 
Are you sure that you are ready?
***Read all the instructions BEFORE you begin***
Buy a cake mix. (I like pudding in the mix.)

Choose a white cake mix and cut your water in half.
Did you see that tip?  Cut your water in half because most fruit has some of it's own juice.  Prepare the pan as directed on the box and pour your batter in the pan.
I used black-berries and strawberries.
Choose 2-3 kinds of your favorite fruits.  Rinse them off well. (Okay - taste test a couple just to make sure that you aren't going to poison anyone.)
Sprinkle cut up pieces of fruit over the top of your cake.
Cut up your fruit into bite size pieces. (Remove pits if your fruit contains pits.) Sprinkle the fruit over the top of your cake. 
Doesn't this look a bit like a painting?
Cook until golden brown.  Different fruit will cook into the cake differently.  If you want the fruit to fall more into the cake, use more water OR put half the cake mix in the pan, sprinkle the fruit on top then spread the rest of the cake mix over the top.  Personally, I like the more decorative top.

Give your friends a piece - okay give them two so they don't fight over it.
Top the cake with cool whip and left over pieces of fruit.  For those feeling really ambitious - buy whipping cream and use real whipped cream.  ENJOY this quick twist to a box cake that gives it a refreshing spring twist!

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