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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Is it really Green?

When I bought my house, I tried to make as many "green" choices as possible. I put the new style lightbulbs in and here I am today taking them all out. First of all there are trace levels of mercury in them and they can't be disposed of in the garbage.  Secondly, I read an article that claimed they interfered with cell phone signals. 
I don't believe everything I read. But cell phone coverage in my house is terrible.  It should be easy for me to see if there is an improvement.  I have zero proof that having one light bulb over another will make a difference in my medical condition.  But I've never bought geraniums because I'm alergic to them. So why should I have a light bulb in my house that contains even trace levels of mercury in it when the murcury levels in my body are so high.
After much thought, my feet took me over to the local hardware store to buy several packs of new bulbs. But now what to do with the stack of light bulbs that I don't trust?
I am also concerned that in the marketing ploy to get sales many things are marketed as "green" that are not.  Fabric made from bambo is one thing that comes to mind.  I saw some at the state fair. It was so soft and nice looking. Then I did some research and found out that the process to change this fast growing tree into fabric is very caustic.  I chose not to buy anything with bamboo fabric.  In my mind, the costs out-weigh the green benefit.
What are your thoughts??


  1. Haven't I told you about bamboo before?!? Thought I'd given everyone that lecture. Rayon is made from wood pulp as is bamboo fabric. The ONLY green thing about Bamboo is that it grows fast and multiplies pretty quickly. So not worth the damage done by the processes used to make it usable in other ways. Bamboo flooring, I bet you'll find a similar story.

    Compact fluorescent bulbs - I hate, Hate, HATE them!! The quality of light they output is horrible. And for the idiots who try to sell me that a 40W CF is equal to a 100W incandescent (or whatever the equivalent is) I say PHOOEY!! I make my living with my eyes and I know light and color and CF's are unbearable. Ick, Yuck, Bleck, UGH!

    Just in case you couldn't tell, no one has ever accused me of being opinionated! :)

    Incandescent bulbs, so much better for your eyes & how are you going to account or paint silk or create in any other way without good eyes??

  2. Yeah, I know what you're saying. I've never had incandescent bulbs in this house. It was the first time I'd tried the fluorescent bulbs and WOW I can see again. I liked my house before and now I Love it. So much brightness - its awesome! Maybe I can blame a fraction of my tiredness on being in the dismal light?