Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Puppy Play

Puppies are so fun to watch as they play.  We planned ahead and removed the squeaky bubbles from inside the toy.  We found out with our first Doberman that if there is a squeak coming from inside a toy it would be ripped to shreds. 
So let's follow along with My Jenny's story. 
"You thought you could get the best of me but alas! I have you with a power lock.  Is someone counting this?  Am I at a 10 yet?"

"I am fierce!"
My tug-rope!
"What is wrong with you that you aren't playing with me like Mavorick, my brother does?"


"I'll bite you in the booper for not fighting back. G-ma I miss my brothers and sisters!  Mama plays so ruff!"
"My Jenny, you are playing pretty ruff with you teddy bear too." G-ma answered back.
"Me? Ruff?" My Jenny bent her head down and quickly grabbed the teddy bear sending him through the air.  Then ran up behind Mama to hide and look innocent.

"G-ma I am your little angle.  I wouldn't do anything.  I LOVE you!"
"I Love you too, My Jenny.  Let's schedule a play date with some of your brothers and sisters.  What do you think?"
"YEAH! Now? Is it time yet? Can we go now? Please, please, please!"

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