Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
Planning to give away a book or two!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making the Dream a Reality

I am a Dreamer and the way to see your dreams come true is by setting goals.... So I pose this challenge. 
I will have a drawing when this blog reaches
50 Member-followers and 100 views daily for three consecutive days.

The only way to make your Dream Come True is by stating the dream and taking even the smallest steps towards it.

Other Dreams I've achieved are as follows:
Writing my First Book (and publishing it).
Going to Disneyland
Going on a Mediterranean Cruise
Going to Branson, MO
Going hiking in the Rockies.

I call this photo, "The sleeping man of the Rockies"
My future Dream is as follows:
Finishing my second book and getting it published.
Going on an Alaskan Cruise (whale watching)
Going to Germany
Going to London
Paying off my home and living debt free before the age of 55.
Creating a successful blog that You enjoy viewing.  :^)

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