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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Late for work because of "my kids"

I took heat yesterday for being "late for work".  I had taken an hour off to take three of the doberman puppies to the vet to have their ears cropped.  Anyone that has a dog or cat realizes, they aren't a pet.  We are their people.  And they are as much family members as the children that we raise.

It is a controversial topic: cropping Dobermans ears.  We did not crop Duchess' ears and she looks beautiful with them but we do have a lot of problems with her getting yeast infections because her ears never dry out.  It is an issue common to dogs that have big floppy ears.  The yeast infections cause her pain and we don't know it's there until she starts shaking her head and scratching her ear.  With the new puppy, we have decided to crop the ears.  Yes, there is some pain now but hopefully in the long run she will have healthier ears. 

Dobermans are one of the most loving dogs you could own.  Even though they are large dogs, the love to curl up on your lap or beside you in a chair.  The desire to be close to their people at all times.  Yes, they can be trained to be vicious as can almost any large size dog.  They are dedicated to their owners and will protect their owners.  The ear cropping started because they were used in the military and it gave them a more vicious appearance.  Now it has become a signature look and many people do not recognize a doberman without it's ears cropped. 

Maybe because I was born a red-head, my favorite color is the red/rust doberman.  There is the most common black/rust or black/tan, also fawn (the light tan color on the red/rust - but all over), a rare blue (it looks almost steel-gray) and the most rare albino. 

Our puppies are getting to the "goofy and very playful stage".  We are going to miss them as they go to their new people this week.  But "My Jenny" will be staying with us.  Thanks Nichole for taking such beautiful pictures for us!

Everyone asleep on the couch.
Photo by Trisha

photo by Nichole

photo by Nichole

photo by Nichole

King Titus "Tiny"
Photo by Nichole

My Jenny
photo by Nichole

Puppy Attack - Push her over!
Photos from Inspired by Nichole

Let's ride this bike!
photo by Nichole

Wait, this piece makes a pretty good chew toy. Tee-hee.
photo by Nichole

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  1. I'm on a learning curve and want to see what a comment I'm posting a bogus comment. But I am totally in love with these puppies. <3