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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stepping stones

A friend of mine shared the following post on my Facebook page as a challenge:

I will write more details later since today was my first try.  Learning a craft similar to cooking a new recipe for the first time.  You need to try it and see if your interpretation of the instructions was correct.  If what you did works, then it is okay to share. 
Making a Large Rhubarb leaf walking stone
I've made stepping stones before using an 18" form and it takes one 60 pound bag of mix.  So I tried to guess how much leaf space the bag would make.  That is difficult to judge. I did the large leaf and small leaf then I switched to a different leaf.
3 sizes of rhubarb leaves
As I walked through the garden to get to the rhubarb patch, I noticed that the kohlrabi leaves were HUGE!  They were 10-12 inches long and about 5-6 inches wide.  I wondered how they would work for stepping stones.  
Kohlrabi leaves
Then I spotted the pumpkin plants and buttercup squash.  Interesting.  Their leaves are also fairly large and have good veins.  I might need to try them too.
Pumpkin and Buttercup Squash leaves
The zucchini leaves have a natural ruffle to them.  And they are pretty good size too.  Well, what can you say?  Today is a learning day.  I might as well try the zucchini leaves too.  
Zucchini leaves
The cucumber leaves were getting large, but I decided to let those grow for another week or two.  After all, I bought 6 bags of concrete.  In my mind, one bag would do 2-3 stones.  But it didn't say the dimensions of the leaves.  My rhubarb leaves are pretty large.  In my mind 12 stones sounded like a good number.  I made it through two bags of concrete mix and I made the three rhubarb leaves, four kohlrabi leaves, a zucchini leaf, pumpkin leaf and a buttercup squash leaf.  That adds up to 10 stepping stones with just two bags.  I can't wait to see how these all turn out.
Cucumber leaves

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