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Friday, June 19, 2015

The rush is on!

This evening on the way back from the lake we saw a deer running across a field.  That's nothing unusual. That's not what I'm writing about either.  I just thought that I'd share.  When we got to the corner where we normally turn North, Dale turned South.  The farmers were baling with a large square baler.   I know! It makes rectangular bales but we call it square.  That is because the opening it comes out of is square.  The other options are small square (also rectangular) and large round bales.
Large-Square Baler
They had a small fork-lift that they rammed the forks into the side of the bale and lifted it up onto the trailer.   I had to laugh a bit.  I would have expected them to pick up all the bales from one end to the other end.  But the tractor hauled the trailers back and forth across the field.
Loading Square bales on racks
I know, this is a bit of a crude description.  But it looked like the machine was pooping out bales.  He was also driving very fast.  Amazingly fast compared to other farmers we've watched.  I told Dale that I was guessing they had another field to get done and heavy rains are supposed to hit overnight.
Poop out that bale!
The race was on! They were rushing to finish for some reason.  It was about 2 hours to sunset and they were almost done.  That leaves more to bale than what we could see.  I like my guess but I'll never know.
(Doesn't the bale look like an oversized turd?)

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