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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, June 22, 2015

A Wonderful Monday

Sometimes it is just nice to have some "normal" time.  Sonjia came to us with this habit of laying down like a tiger that is going to pounce and watching the other girls have their "stare down".  The problem is that she is such a big dog that the grass doesn't hide her.  Especially today when the high winds are blowing all of the crops flat.
Sonjia hides in the weeds
After an early morning of storms that went through the area, the clouds broke up and the sun streamed through.  They are saying that it is around 80 degrees outside.  I guess that I'm going to need to say that the wind must be causing a "wind chill" because it feels like it's about 70 degrees out.  Other than being windy, it is a perfectly wonderful and beautiful evening.
Sunshine crowns the cloud
Not only did the sunshine make me smile today.  But to see the girls run and chase each other across the hay field, always makes me smile.  They have so much energy and they love to run and play with every little bit of energy.
Misty Blue and Sonjia race!
Misty Blue is learning from Sonjia.  While the other two were at the edge of the swamp playing with their backs turned she took the position of pouncing tiger.  I was surprised how patiently she waited.  She didn't pounce from her position until they were almost on top of her.
Misty Blue ready to pounce
I know you hear me all summer long saying, "I love fresh garden veggies!"  I need to move to the country where I can have a few beef cattle too.  Supper tonight was fresh picked kohlrabi fried in coconut oil, mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese (garden fresh garlic and onion) with a hamburger topped with the same cream cheese that I stuffed the mushrooms with.  Who needs salt when you have fresh herbs. 
Supper: Hamburger, kohlrabi and stuffed mushrooms
I have realized that some of my favorite meals are visually bland.  They say that you eat with your eyes.  I don't think that fits me.  It's all about the taste and my tongue is still tingling.  

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