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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Decisions, decisions!

South side of House
I met with A+ painting in Watkins, Minnesota over my short weekend between two weeks of working from Houston, Texas. I received a call during a short break between meetings that they could start the prep work while I was gone. I  came home to a house that had been pressure washed and scraped.
West side of house
North side of house
That put the pressure on me! I need to be ready to decide what paint color(s) that I  want for the house by Sunday.  From the small sample strips, I was torn between Zen Retreat and Blackwater.  That tells you a lot, doesn't it?  (Gray and blue-gray respectively.)
Color Sample #1 with dormer window and shakes
I went to Diamond Vogel to buy a quart of each color in order to paint sample swatches on the side of the house. I painted samples over both the orange #1 and the cream #2 colors. The brown is going to be on the shakes above the dormer window.
Color Sample #2
Both colors look like they will go well with the new shingles. They both cover the "pumpkin spice" (orange) good. I will be having the entire house painted. I am tempted to go with gray except for the area around the 3 south windows on the brick section of the house. I  would have the brick "trim'" painted blue.  (It would look like a blue face smiling back at you.)  The painter said if you are considering resale that you shouldn't do that.  Evidently now everyone has a sense of humor!?!?

I  am leaning towards the blue  (it is really a grayish blue with a hint of purple.)  The brown for the shakes has a hint of red. I hope that we get some sunshine tomorrow because I want to check out the samples in various light. My shingles are blue and gray speckled so both colors complement the roof line.  Blue, Yes blue. Unless I change my mind and go with the gray.

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