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Thursday, June 25, 2015

An alternate for potato salad

I made kohlrabi salad!  I have been looking at low carb alternatives.  I cup of kohlrabi cubed and boiled is 48 calories and 11 g carbs.  In comparison 1 cup of potato cubed and boiled is 134 calories and 31.2 g carbs.  
The first batch of kohlrabi was getting to a point where it was almost too large.  It needed to be picked and eaten.  I will try anything once.  There are days like this that I would like to be on chopped because I come up with some creative recipes.
I had in my pantry or refrigerator:
3 baseball size kohlrabi
cream cheese mixed with onion and garlic
horseradish mustard
3 eggs
3 baseball size kohlrabi
If you've never worked with kohlrabi, the outer skin and root needs to be cut off with a paring knife.  If the kohlrabi is too large the toughness from the root would extend up into a greater portion of the vegetable.
cubed kohlrabi
I put the cubes of kohlrabi in a pot of water and boiled it until it was tender.  Then I drained it.  When kohlrabi becomes tender it still keeps it's unique flavor.  And unlike potatoes, it isn't quite as mushy.
Boiling kohlrabi
A few days ago, I took whipped cream cheese and added a garden fresh onion and garlic including greens.  I used part of it and the onion and garlic was still very strong, so I added more regular cream cheese.  While the kohlrabi was hot, I added the cream cheese so that it would melt and coat the kohlrabi.  I also added about a teaspoon of the horseradish mustard that I mixed the other day.
Add flavored cream cheese.
I had to do a taste test.  So while the eggs were boiling, I sampled the kohlrabi salad.  I was excited.  This was showing great hope.  You might be wondering how much cream cheese mixture did I use?  About half of the whipped cream cheese container 2/3 to 3/4 cup.  Enough to coat the pieces of kohlrabi.
kohlrabi salad without eggs

It looks like potato salad but it is really kohlrabi salad.  There was a different texture and slightly different taste but it was good.  There is a fact about potatoes that does not apply to kohlrabi.  Potatoes absorb the dressing and salt overnight which means the longer it sits the better it tastes.  Kohlrabi does not seem to be as absorbent.  If you are planning to make it, don't put too much dressing in it.
Finished Kohlrabi salad

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