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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Locks of Love

It was time for a major haircut.  There were several deciding factors.  I've been working a fair amount in Houston, Texas.  I generally wear my hair up down there because of the heat.  At home in Minnesota, it has been a very windy spring which means I've been wearing my hair up a lot.  My hair has been breaking off more than normal (probably because I've been wearing it up so much.)

The before view
 Locks of Love accepts hair in a ponytail or braid 10" or longer.   The hair is made into wigs for children taking cancer treatments.  When I made the appointment, I told Candy that I was going to be doing a major transition, donating the length of my hair.

The new me!
The cut turned out good.  We were amazed after taking over 10 inches off, how much length I still had.  It isn't a new style for me. This is my tried and true starting point anytime that I go from long to short hair.  It has just been a few years since I've seen me with hair this short.
Back view - wash and go!
It might be hard to see from this view, but the last reason that it was time to get my hair cut was that the bottom half was significantly more strawberry-blonde.  Yes, that means that I'm going gray.  The nice thing as a blonde, going gray means that the blonde gets a little bit lighter every year.  When I pulled my hair up, it became obvious that I had grayed a fair amount from color at the ends to the color near the top.  I can live with it, I just don't like to be reminded every time that I look in the mirror.  
The tail

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