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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dragon flies?

When the girls and I went out to the lake my eyes were drawn to a fluttering in the tall grass along the banks of the lake. I was noticing them but not really seeing them.
Look closely for the streaks of blue
I'm not sure if these are really dragon flies.  But they look similar to them. I think it was the bright blue color that was catching my eye.
Dragon Fly Flags
I walked up close and they took to the air. Too many flew through the air to count. In seconds the settled back down. Using the zoom feature on my cell phone,  I was able to capture a few pictures.
Beautiful Bug
I couldn't focus on them too long.  After all between the mosquitoes beginning to attack and the dogs running in different directions, I had to move my attention away from them. 
Colorful Bugs camouflaged in texture

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