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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Are you hot?

Last week, we had the hottest day of the year.  It hit 90 degrees for the first time this summer.  The air conditioner wasn't in the window yet.  It didn't make sense to put it in the window before they painted the house.  It would have been one more thing to work around.  Luckily it cooled down at night.  With all three Dobermans in the house, I felt unusually safe with a fan in the window!  I am glad to report the air conditioner is now in the living room window for the summer.
Are you hot? Not anymore!
Saturday, when I went to Hutchinson with the lambs, all three girls rode with me.  We stopped by Uncle Bill's farm for them to run.  I had forgotten the dog treats.  When I stopped by the gas station, they didn't have any treats.  Instead, I picked up a bag of beef jerky.  That way we could all four have a treat out of the bag.  As you can see, it was much better than any dog treat.
Duchess, Misty Blue and Sonjia
In the first picture, Sonjia was smiling but Duchess was sitting with her ears at attention.  She was "too old" by days when we got her and the vet refused to crop her ears.  Looking at the way she holds them up when she wants someone, it makes me wish that we would have gone to a different vet at that time.  But I do like the natural ears too.

Doberman Angels
Engraved Crystal
I know that these three photos are very similar but I just can't choose a favorite!  I am thinking about sending one of them in to the companies that cut images in the center of crystal shapes. They would look cool captured in crystal, wouldn't they?

Duchess smiling
Duchess and Sonjia both smile, but shy Misty Blue is such a serious character.  On a news report today, they said that when dogs look at you like this, it releases the same endorphins that are released when people say "I love you".  Maybe at times.  But for these three on this day they are saying, "I love those treat! Give me more please!"

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