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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Little lambs adventure to camp meeting

The Minnesota Conference of Seventh Day Adventists are holding their annual Camp Meeting June 13th to June 21st in Hutchinson.  Jeannie and I were asked to bring the lambs down to the children's program.  They were learning about the Good Sheppard and his sheep.
Gizem and Ivry travel to camp meeting
When the children came out, Jeannie and Trisha took turns talking about lambs to the children.  

Jeannie talking to the kids

We shared about how sheep are sheared and the process of making yarn from the wool fleece.  We also had some woven and knitted examples.  In fact, I wore my new wool hat.  Although the day was cool, it was a little too warm for the hat.  But for kids, I kept it on my head.
Trisha shares a little too
After sharing, we got the lambs out of the cage and held them so that the kids could walk in a straight line by them and pet them.  We held them in a way that the face would stay away from the kids and hopefully more protected from any potential transmission of illness. As the "sheppards" it is our responsibility to care for the sheep and at the same time we wanted to share them with the children.
For the protection of the lambs we held them
I don't get to see this baby very often.  He might be mine but I am more like Auntie Trisha than mama.  Jeannie holds that title as she can baaa-aaa-aaa and the lambs come running to her.

Gizem is getting so big
We let the crowd dissipate before we got up and put the lambs away.  There were a few kids that came by a little late to see the lambs.  And it was easier once the crowd was gone to calmly move the lambs.  
The lambs didn't mind being held
We didn't know if the lawn had been chemically treated so we chose not to put the lambs down to run.  There weren't any mosquitos and not a lot of weeds.  All signs pointed to chemical grounds maintenance.
Jeannie and Irvy
When we left the church grounds, we went one mile North and let the lambs out at Uncle Bill's farm for them to graze for a while before traveling home.  I don't think that they would minded staying there for awhile.  After all, when I was a child this was the heifer pasture area.  I am sure the grass, weeds and clover were very rich and tasty.
Irvy and Gizem at Uncle Bills farm
He is getting so BIG!  ....and look at that adorable face.  Don't you just want to give him a huge hug. (Oh, I guess that I did.)

Gizem thought the long grass around the trees was great
This picture looks so natural, the lambs hanging close by while they eat.  The truth about the photo was that I needed to slowly and carefully move up to the area where there was a nice patch of clover.  When I sat down, the lambs were so busy eating that they didn't move until something in a nearby area looked better to eat.  But it makes a great photo.

Trisha spending time with Gizem and Irvy
Just remember in life, we can't interpret what we see alone to be the truth.  It is usually only a fraction of the truth.  

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