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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Whose house is that?

Front-view of house
Mine!  I finally got my house painted. 
Back-view of house
No, I   didn't do it. I hired A+ Painting of Watkins,  Minnesota to do the work.  They have a bucket lift and paint sprayers.  They used a special caulking in the large cracks between some of the bricks and under the window on the brick sill before they painted it. 
Taped off and painting from the bucket
The wind picked up in the middle to late afternoon.  When I walked outside for a quick check, I noticed that one of the guys had taped some of the paper (used to tape off the soffits) around his head and it looked like a hat.  I was afraid to ask if he was afraid of the overspray getting on his head or if he was just being goofy.  It was getting to be pretty late in the day so it might have been a little bit of both. Nothing wrong with a little good clean (?) fun at work.
Cool Hat!
What a dramatic change that a little paint made.  The before look made my shingles look dark gray.  Now with the darker blue/gray called Blackwater, my shingles look much lighter.  Perception is a crazy thing, isn't it?  Good job guys!
Before shot

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