Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Back from the editors

The draft of my book is back from the editors!  My next step is comparing the comments of the two editors and making appropriate corrections.  I'm on page 3 so this will be a long process.  But this is the exciting time. 

I get viewpoints at a spot were I can make minor adjustments.  Sometimes when I write my mind gets ahead of my fingers and those quick typing fingers miss part of the sentence.  It doesn't help that my mind knows what it wanted to say so when I do the re-write that it sometimes fills in those missing portions in the sentences. 

I have put a timeline on myself and this will be a tough one to meet.  I put some books in a local café and I'm getting hounded that my spring release of the second book is being extended by possibly going through a different publisher. 

The third book, Trusted Friend, is into chapter 3.  Stepping away from it to do the editing will be a difficult thing because the characters are running with this next story.  They have found themselves and they know exactly where they want to go.  Hopefully they don't forget where they are heading because they haven't told me yet. 

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