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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Sorry, I needed to let it out.  I went shopping yesterday and the city was a zoo!  At one point, I was driving down a long thoroughfare both sides of the 4 lane road and all the turn lanes were full of cars.  The parking lots on both sides were also packed.  And inside the stores I could tell. People dawdling everywhere! 

I may have mentioned it before but I don't like shopping.  I have a list.  I go in with the list and I go directly to the department. The stores that I shop in I pretty well know by heart.  I don't like it when they feel they need to move the sections of the store around.  Then I walk through those crowds of people who don't know what they want only to find out that the store has moved what I wanted.  That was the start of my day shopping. 

I made a bow around the town due to a couple of deadlines that I needed to meet.  I couldn't be at one spot until a specific time and I needed to be to another spot before a specific time.  There was about four and a half hours between the two times but with traffic and people dawdling I didn't want to take the risk.

So I went to the West then looped around and headed to the East/Northeast.  From the stop at the East I headed North and slightly Southwest.  The due South only to turn around and go West again.  Don't worry, it doesn't matter it you need to go five blocks or five miles it still takes fifteen minutes. 

I was so traumatized that I had to take a nap before supper.  Maybe part of the trauma was because I was planning to do indoor spring house cleaning today.  I think I dislike that more than I dislike shopping.  But both are necessities of life.

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