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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, May 17, 2013

What happened to Spring and Summer?

The weather front that brought in the needed spring rain also brought in some pretty chilly air.  The wind didn't help much either.  But at lease I'm seeing flowers started to bloom in the gardens.  The unusual cool weather has the bulb-type flowers peaking out at random intervals.  Dale has a small flower garden in front of his place, last year he had me plant some bulbs.  He thought they had all come up and I kept telling him that I thought we'd planted more.  They are finally coming up!

I need to keep looking at the flowers and remembering God's beauty and the miracle of these flowers as they transition from seed to bloom.  There is so much going on from Washington D.C. to the streets of my home town that could easily leave people feeling hopeless.  That it is important to stay focused on hope. 

We picked up some vegetable seeds today but it was raining as we were shopping.  We may not get to plant the seeds until next weekend.  The weather forecasters have said to be prepared for rain and scattered showers over at least the next five days.  With any luck it will be dry enough in the morning to plant the seeds. 

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