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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

This World is not my Home, I'm just a passer through...

As Christians we are taught that our time on earth is short a drop in the bucket of time compared to our time in eternity.  Yet in 2013, most of us are still accumulating earthly things in the USA.

I am watching a friend of mine go through a terrible difficult time.  She has shared many things she is going through with me and I have done what I can to help.  She is not accepting help from me or from any of the sources that I recommended. 

Through out the years, she has made a series of decisions, just like any one of us.  Each decision accumulates on the other until eventually, the pile of decisions have created a personal monster that is out of control.

Today several pieces of furniture are out on her lawn labeled "free".  She has sold some of what she can sell including her few precious pieces of jewelry.  Today is being spent sorting into piles,
  • toss
  • sell
  • keep
  • store
I fear that when she reaches her goal of fitting all of her personal possessions into her vehicle, that she will just disappear.  I am guessing a planned visit to her parents place will transfer the items that will be in the "store" category since she has made it known that furniture that doesn't fit in her car isn't being kept. I interpret that to mean she isn't getting a storage locker.

Look around at the possessions you can see.  A tornado, heavy straight line wind, flood, earthquake, tsunami, can take it from you.  But could you purposefully, methodically diminish your life to what you could take in your car or carry on your back?  Could you plan to be homeless?  Please join me in praying for my friend that God will provide a miracle.

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