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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, May 24, 2013

I believe -

in right and wrong.  Oh that can be a controversial statement these days.  But I was raised to believe in right and wrong. 

For instance:

If the cashier gives you $10 back instead of $1 the right thing to do is to give her the $9 back.

It is right to pay for what you buy.  So if things are put on credit, the payments should be made timely. 

You should not cheat on tests.

You should work hard. 

For every question, there is a right and a wrong answer.  Some of it is empirical and other parts are based on the moral code that we are taught as we grow up.  We learn those moral lessons, at home and in church.  The bible tells us teaches us a very definite and strong version of right and wrong. It is not politically correct.  But if you base your life on the principles of right and wrong that are taught in the bible, you will have a better life. 

We can't impose our beliefs and principles on anyone else.  But God, a little bit at a time, can change their minds.  Because deep inside us, God had planted a seed.  A seed of right and wrong.  The depression that takes over people when they act in ways that are against the natural seeds that are planted within us, can be cured by repentance and forgiveness. 

Let me be clear that NOT ALL depression is caused by this and it needs to be professionally treated.  But some people are lying to the therapists, friends, and family and they would be much better off starting to choose what is right, repenting of their wrongs and accepting God's forgiveness.

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