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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Airport Entertainment

I have been traveling in and out of Minneapolis St. Paul airport a lot lately.  There is a corner that you turn to go to terminals A,B and C.  At that corner are four large screens on the wall.  I've always wondered about those screens.  They are the largest TV screens I've ever seen but what I've wondered about is why they put four screens right next to each other.  The same thing shows on all four screens.  It is a fairly plain advertisement. 

Sometimes simple is best.  I've noticed it every time that I've walked by it.  But coming back was different.  There were young children interacting with the screens.  There is a censor that as you get between the projection and the screen it changes from a flat screen advertisement to an interactive display.  Watch the children as they try different things to make the screen change.  The red umbrellas turn into hundreds of butterfly that scatter and come back into place as an umbrella.

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