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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dare to be Proud / Freedom of Speech

There were bullies back when I went to school.  Don't kid yourself, some of those bullies have grown up and are still bullies in the workplace, in the media, it doesn't matter where they are they are still trying to bully people.

A combination of things happened when I was in the 7th or 8th grade.  I was being bullied.  My brother's had been to some kind of a conference and came home with T-shirts that had an Eagle on it and said "Dare to be Proud!" I confiscated one of the T-shirts and wore it to school with my A-line mid-calf length jean-skirt.

I was going to make a statement.  "Bully all you like but I'm proud of who I am!" Even back then, I had no lack of self-esteem. 

I need to say just once that I am offended and confused at the whole "Gay Pride" movement.  I don't mind people being proud of who they are but why is my "Straight Pride" judgmental, ignorant,  and an action of hate?  I'm not saying because I'm proud of being straight that you can't be proud of who you are.  I don't judge those that are different than myself.  I may not understand them but as long as they understand themselves there is no problem.

But any time that one group says that for them to have pride in him/her self that they other side must give up their pride, that just isn't right.  Can you imagine going to a football game and only one team's fans are allowed to cheer?  Every time that the opposing team's fans begin to cheer they are told that they have not right and are acting out of hatred and ignorance.  Is that what we have come to in America? 

I wish to honor those in America's history who have fought for my freedoms!  Yes, my freedoms! 
I am proud and free to ... a Christian (lately Christians seem to be losing their rights as other religious groups step on them.) Straight. where I want to live. for the man/woman that I choose. (despite what the media says)
...share my opinion.
...disagree with someone else's opinion. be successful and much, much more!

I have learned in life that those people who bully and try to tear down my beliefs do so because of their lack of self-esteem, depression and other mental or emotional illness.  The only way that they seem to feel good about themselves is by tearing others down.  With that said I want to make sure that you know, I also wish to honor those in America's history who have fought for your freedoms!  Whether you agree with me or not, you need to dare to be proud of who you are at the same time dare to be proud of me, and likewise, I will do the same.

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