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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Cold toes

I have had cold toes for years. I can't remember not having cold toes. I am sure as a kid that my toes weren't cold but then again I didn't like ice skating bcause my toes would get cold so fast. 

My socks were wearing out so I decided it was time to buy a few new pairs. Yes, I wear socks in the summertime.  Even with my sandles.  I confess I am "one of those"! I bought socks that will blend in with the sandles. 

So many of the socks in the stores were so wildly colorful the cried out to me, "Tabatha would LOVE these!" But they jist weren't my style. Then I saw these with neon toes and heals.  I don't paint my toe nails there aren't enough to paint.  I have these short stubby toes with itty bitty nails.  So the most color they see is the bright covering of my socks.

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