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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Many more than two tulips!

I need to do some minor repairs on a section of the foundation and the former owner planted tulip bulbs right next to the foundation.  As I dug them up, I thought that I should take a picture and call it "101 tulips".  I have a few pictures to share. One is the old cat litter box before I started. Another is after I sorted bulbs for an hour to show you what is left and to the side there is the shoe box of bulbs. 
Take a guess....   101? Do you think that I hit my 101 bulbs????

(Higher, guess higher!  Keep going higher!)  I did a rough count and so far I am about 365 bulbs!  And I am not done separating them yet.  I can't tell if I am halfway yet.

Do you need any tulip bulbs?

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
101 (?) Tulips
Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Tulips about half processed
Cell photo by Trisha Field
Six flowers equaled about thirty bulbs

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