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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Life is a journey,

that we take one step at a time.  Sometimes we are walking up a hill and getting very tired.  Other times we are walking down a hill and you know that is actually more tiring.  Trying to keep going forward without  taking off full-speed in a downward spiral. 

It would be nice if we could maintain our lives at an even keel.  As  people that is not who we are.  Even, level, straight is boring.  We strive for excitement, new things, better things, different things. 
I signed a letter of intent today for the publication of my second Novella, "The Man I Was".  I received the formal contract that I have been reviewing. 

I feel excited, scared, nervous, anxious, pensive, hopeful, just to name a few.  My feelings today have been going up and down those hills from one extreme to another.  It is difficult to make a strong solid decision when emotions feel like they are roller-coasting out of control. But I've noticed that is often the times when we are expected to make the most difficult decisions. 

I had saved money for a self-publication and was willing to take the risk of nearly 100% loss.  So really what is the big decision?  Have you ever applied for a job that deep down you felt was over your head and after several interviews they actually offer you the job?  I think that this is a step up in the publishing "ladder".  As I write this I realize that there really isn't a decision.  It is the excitement that YES! this IS happening.  Wooo-hooo!

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