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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, November 7, 2016

Get your stubborn on!

Almost everyone has some reason that makes them dig in their heals. Some people just show it more than others. Dale tells me that I'm one of those people. I guess in October that was true.

My workplace had a weight loss contest. I've already shared that I won the contest. I chose to use a Palao eating plan for the weight loss. I side effect was that my A1c levels dropped significantly.

2016 has been difficult for many reasons.  I was eating my way through the difficult days.

A1c is a blood sugar test that shows on a 3 month average what blood sugar levels are. Last month mine had reached an all time high of 10.9 and it was time to put my stubborn on!

Today my doctor ordered another test. The results had dropped to 9.4 which means my stubborness was productive.

I always loved math class.  10.9+10.9+10.9= an average of 10.9

So what is X if 10.9+10.9+X=9.4?

If I calculated correctly X=6.4!  The actual change in my blood sugar levels is -4.5!  It still isn't where the doctors want it to be but the encouraging news is helping me to keep my stubborn on.

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