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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, November 11, 2016

Beautiful morning!

Wednesday morning I had an early morning doctors appointment.  As I drove into Richmond there were several patches of fog. 
Pre-sunrise fog
The first thing that I spotted was the church steeple breaking through the top of the fog.  But there wasn't a safe place to pull over until that view was gone.
Fog over the Sauk River
I pulled over again just past Munson Township hall.  From that spot there was a perfect view of the river. A foggy morning by a river or lake is so calming to me.
Fog over the Sauk River
On the other side of Richmond, I pulled of to the side of the road to take another picture of the sun rising.  It is not a very large town from West to East but I hit the town at the perfect time to experience the robust colors just before the actual sunrise.
Sunrise, East Richmond, Minnesota

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