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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cooking up a storm!

In preparation for my rotator cuff surgery,  I am cooking and freezing up individual meals ahead of time.  My meals are easy to make and don't freeze. So I am cooking for my "meat and carbohydrate" man. 
Tator-tot hotdish
He isn't just meat and potatoes, although that is his favorite. The first dish that I made it was tater-tot hotdish, a Minnesota staple.
Beef Noodle hotdish
The second  batch that I made was a beef noodle hotdish which is loaded with vegetables and uses cream soup as a base.

I tried to plan supplies for 7 different meals or should I say variety of meals. The second hotdish that I made was too much for one pot. As of this point, I have 8 servings frozen and I still need to package up the other half of the hamburger hotdish. I'll do that after Dale has some for supper.

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