Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, November 18, 2016


This afternoon I had my first therapy appointment.  My sister stayed over night the night before to make sure that she could make it with the blizzard predicted.  We took off about noon for the 1:45 appointment.  We were a good 45 minutes early.  The appointment went well. It was a slow and go trip back home. 
Misty Blue, Sonjia, and Duchess loving on Grandma
The dogs were acting like they haven't seen me for a month.  Not to be left out, Skyler slipped behind me, sniffed my shoulder and gently laid his head on my shoulder.
I've got your back, Grandma!
Duchess, Skyler and Sonjia all come together hoping for a part of Grandma's lap.  They knew that they needed to stay away from my arm.  With all the heavy weight and normally clumsy style of a Doberman moving around me, I was holding my breath.  But they were gentle, cautious and giving doggie love.
Room on Grandma's lap for all?

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