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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

God's magic trick

Last night at the airport,  I needed to use my credit card to get out of the parking ramp because all that I had left was 3 one dollar bills.

This month in church is a missions focus. A missionary was sharing stories of how God multiplies when we give with an grateful heart. He shared how his nearly 11 year old daughter felt led to raise  $1,100 in 11 days around her 11th birthday.  They were sharing at a college and a student came up to the Father to give him money she had been saving. God finally moved his heart to have the college student talk to his daughter. The gift ended up being $1 more than the young girls goal.

Missions are in my heart. I had forgot my check book. We already established that I only had 3 $1 bills in my wallet.  So how was it that I was able to put 3 $5 bills in the offering basket?

God reminded me this morning that I had put the remaining  $15 that I won in the weight loss challenge in a zip compartment within my purse. I could have remembered it last night and used it. But that was money that God had set aside for missions.

I guess you could say that God changed 3 one dollar bills into 3 five dollar bills.

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