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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Inspired leads to inspiration

Nathan Barrett shared a photo of his painting on Facebook. I've taken a few photos that have made me feel like I should use them as an inspiration.
Painting by Nathan Barrett
 Seeing his painting was an added inspiration. I had to take the next step which was buying the supplies that I was short.
Shopping for an inspirational event
Today I stopped by Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite stores, and bought two black canvas and a flat whispers brush.
Northern Lights and Big Dipper
The whisp brush should work nice creating the pillars of light that I saw earlier this year as I was watching the Northern Lights in my front yard.
Full Moon on a Cloudy Night
On a different evening with a full moon and troublesome clouds, I captured my favorite moon shot through the trees.  As I was looking for the moon photo, I  passed by the thunderstorm photo.  it made me think, "Maybe I should have purchased a third canvas?" Yeah, I need to get one painting done first!
While I was shopping there was a Grandma with her Grandson. He was spending his birthday money. Grandma was trying to guide him but didn't know anything about sketching supplies. He was split between charcoal and colored pencils. We chatted for five to ten minutes then the young boy made his decision. He bought a sketch book with perforated pages, a charcoal pencil set that contained pencils, charcoal and a gummy eraser. Then he got a beginners colored pencil set with an instruction book. I'm guessing he was between 10 and 12 years old. I'm hoping that Grandma picked up on the lessons hint.

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